Why to relocate to Bellevue

Bellevue is a perfect place for living. CNN Money Magazine has published a ranking of the best places to live in the United States. Main indicators, determining quality of life of the average American family have been considered: the availability of work, conditions for kids upbringing, safety, cost of living, recreation places, etc. Bellevue ranked forth in this list. What factor make this town attractive for living? So...

Brief characteristics of the city: population - 124 thsd. people, unemployment rate - 5.8%, average household income: $ 100,419.

If you can not choose between mountain landscapes and urban life, Bellevue in Washington State may be ideal place for you. Downtown skyscrapers towering over Lake Washington from the one side, and looming mountain scenery and the silhouette of the Rainier volcano from the other side - these are the pictures of modern Bellevue. Real Estate in Bellevue is not cheap, but you can find here a lot of job offers. Read more about Bellevue real estate market trends. You should take into acount the fact that it takes a 10-minute drive to get to Seattle (you should only pass the bridge across Lake Washington). Microsoft, T-Mobile, Verizon, Amazon, Boeing, Expedia, are one of many employers offering well-paid job. In fact, there are more jobs than the residents themselves in Bellevue. All these factors make a city a perfect place for living. Today it is not difficult to change your residence for better place due to professional movers, who will help to organize a move on the highest level. So, do not hesitate - move to Bellevue.

The population of the city is diverse - about a quarter of the inhabitants of Asians, and one third were not born in America. The city is home to world famous billionaire Bill Gates. School of Bellevue are the best places in the ranking of schools in the state. In addition, the city offers entertainment for all tastes - Philharmonic Orchestra, Fine Arts Museum, Botanical Gardens, youth theater, annual jazz festival, as well as 74 (!) parks. If this article has convinced you in advantages of living in Bellevue - then pack your things, contact movers and you are welcomed here!

Brenda Edwards for ABS Movers in Toronto.

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