Unwritten Rules Do Exist

Sometimes you may face very silly unwritten rules that appear when you become an owner. Some of the examples: "we do not put black carpets in front of the doors" or "we use only this type of air conditioner because all the other ones have bad influence on our lungs". Such rules are constructed by the actual inhabitants and to live in peace with them you have to know them. Do not be afraid and just ask about the hidden rocks to be ready for them.

And here is a very good and important thing to remember: when you get a condo you have to get along together with the people around you: interact with them, and try to tolerate your neighbors' crazy ideas. Then you all will live happily and in peace! But it is always easier to leave in peace with those who do not piss you off and whose rules you know beforehand. So check everything before moving in to live there happily.

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