Tips on proper maintenance of sewer system

Operation of water and wastewater systems is based on their periodic preventive maintenance. There is a problem with running water, because the system closed. But drains can be cleaned without problems. However, we usually wait for the moment when it suddenly gives us a fountain of sewage waters. And only then begin to change and clean everything. Although there are simple tricks that do not require additional financial cost.

What can be done to prevent drain clogging?
1. Pour hot water and sewer hole every evening. It will melt the grease and greasy deposits.
2. Sprinkle a large table salt into a drain periodically. This measure provides the same effect.
3. Make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and pour this solution into a sewer pipe.
4. Buy chemical means to remove blockages in the sewer.

These are some tricks that will help you to maintain drains in working order. And another tip. Install a grease trap and you will have no problems at all. Find more how to use water supply and sewer systems in a condo.

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