Tips for Hiring Professional Movers

This article is created for those who have strongly decided to move and clearly understand that there are a lot of important issue that arise in the process of move. So they do not even dream about solving them all alone and think about hiring professional movers for the best help. So if you are one of these people, but do not know how to find reliable and professional movers, then you have found just the right guide!

Recommendations. First of all try to check what your closest friends and family members have to tell you. They will have biased but still the most honest opinion on the services they had. Solicit recommendations from friends, family, coworkers and your realtor. Think very attentively to them and make a list of “definitely” and “never to hire” companies.

Internet. If none of your friends have mover recently, then just check what the world wide web has to tell you for the search “professional movers + your city name”.

List. After you have found several companies make your own list of professional movers whom you think you may hire. Make sure that every company on the list has proper certification and experience in the field.

Estimates. Now take three top professionals from the list and invite them to your house to give you their estimates. Collect all of them together and then evaluate the results. While inviting professional movers representatives to your house make sure that you show all the items that are to be moved and that you clarify all the facts that are interested to you (fees, charges, etc.) Out of the top three movers on the list you need to pick one, so think about each company’s customer service, professionalism, politeness, speed, charges, timing, location and of course recommendations.

Final. After you have collected all the estimates and made your decision it is the time to call the movers you have chosen to work with and set up the date and time of your move and any preparation work. Discuss any details and finally sign the contract. Make sure that you understand everything in the contract, otherwise do not hesitate to ask questions.

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