Some facts about pests occurrence in condo buildings

It is impossible to live next door to bugs and cockroaches. Parasites do not allowed us to sleep well, suck our blood, infect foods and just violate the atmosphere of coziness in the house. Therefore, you should not wait for too long to solve this problem hoping that the problem will be eliminated by itself.

It is very difficult to fight with pests: bed bugs and cockroaches, especially in high-rise condo buildings, can easily crawl from one floor to another and from one condo to another. Bellevue Condominium experts have recently came across this information: it turned out after checking 1,200 buildings that the population of cockroaches in housing depends on the type and the number of storeys in the building. 358 houses of one type has bee checked and experts found out that 9-12-storey houses are inhabited by cockroaches in 80-86%, and 5-storey - only in 36-46%. And buildings constructed in accordance with new improved projects have special barriers which prevent from migration of cockroaches into their apartments of all floors. Therefore, to eliminate cockroaches, pest control activities should be carried out simultaneously in all apartments.

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