5 tips on how to save on apartment rentals

It is rather costly to rent a housing in Bellevue. This is the main item of expenditure for students, honeymooners and couples with children. However, you can pick up a decent option if to search well. Knowing some of the nuances, you can save a considerable amount monthly.

1. Try to start looking for a suitable apartment from friends and acquaintances. Surely someone has a great-aunt who is ready to lease an apartment. Sometimes relatives are willing to let the tenants in for a modest fee and a small favor. For example, to feed a cat or water flowers.

2. Look for the apartment for rent on ads sites. You will spend a lot of time on phone calls, but you can save on estate agent fee.

3. Choose the apartment with water, gas, electricity and heat meters. Comparative analysis showed that metering devices can save you quite a decent amount.

4. Try to find accommodation located next to your office or school. It will help save on transport.

5. Rent a housing together with friends. Two-bedroom apartment is ideal for three buddies and will cost you a bit more than a studio.

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