How to rent a garage in Bellevue

If a car owner is unable to buy or build a place for his/her car, rent a garage - the best option for his situation. Of course, there are several underwater stones one should pay attention to. First of all, make sure that all the documents that prove the garage ownership are reliable. It’s desirable to turn to a lawyer to help you with the legal side of the deal not to be cheated. Secondly, before renting any garage, check it’s condition properly – it must be in good state without any leaks or bad floor.

Recommendations for the lease of the garage:

  • Immediately change the locks, to avoid the possibility of unauthorized access by unauthorized persons.
  • When choosing a garage pay attention to the door.
  • The cost of premises increased in the presence of cellars, repair or inspection pits.
  • It is recommended to equip it with automatic fire and burglar alarm systems.

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