Real estate prices in the USA

Most immigrants, who are going to buy real estate in the USA, choose New York, Florida, Washington and California.

Real Estate in New York attracts mainly business immigrants and investors. Offices of the world-renowned corporations, prestigious restaurants and shops are located in the most prestigious area – Manhattan. It is rather profitable to buy real estate for investment there, since the demand for it is steadily high. Brownstone – a house of brown sandstone built in the late XIXth - early XXth centuries is a hallmark of New York. The city also has a lot of townhouses - old houses of 3-5 floors without elevators. Apartments in such buildings usually occupy the whole floor or half-floor. Sometimes the townhouses are sold as a whole building and the price on them ranges from 5 to 20 million dollars.

New York offers the most expensive real estate in the United States. Apartments here cost from 500 thousand and up to 4 million dollars. As for example, you can buy a villa on the ocean coast for the same price in California or Florida.

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