Fire and water: About the problems of fire safety measures increasing in modern buildings

Issues of fire safety and modern residential and industrial buildings equipment with modern fire-fighting systems becomes more and more urgent. The more complex the technology, the more electrical devices and wires, the more active construction, the higher rents collects the fire - the eternal companion of a mankind. Unfortunately, the risk of occasional combustions increases with the growth of modern facilities equipping with various electrical devices. Meanwhile, fires cause huge damage to economy in addition to direct damage to people and the properties they own. Click here to learn how to choose windows and doors with fire-safety characteristics.

According to National Fire Protection Association USA, 43% of enterprises can not resume their activities immediately after the fire, 28% of enterprises are getting restored within three years and only 23% of enterprises start operating after the fire as usual. Unfortunately, the well-known difficulties of past years have left their mark on the once strong fire extinguishing companies. Firefighters are often unable to arrive in time to place for objective reasons.

To change the situation, a set of measures (which include automatic fire alarm and extinguishing systems) must be created that will minimize the losses caused by the fires.

It is worth noting that careful observance of all the rules, which are set out in numerous regulations is not someone's whim. Like many of the other safety instructions, fire codes are literally written with blood. And if you follow them, the damage from the fire can be, if not negated (it is impossible), but significantly minimized. Unfortunately, sometimes these rules are neglected at the construction stage, but this is the case when such kind of savings can result in huge losses and even deaths. And do not rely on insurance - insurance companies do not tend to compensate for the damage caused by the fire, which occurred due to poor compliance with safety regulations...

In practice, this means that no building should be commissioned to work without automatic fire alarm and extinguishing system. Large cities have long been going this way. Metropolitan governments have adopted building codes, which specify that modern buildings must be provided with smoke protection, internal water supply system and automatic extinguishing and separate lifts for firemen.

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