Primary or secondary housing? What to choose?

What to prefer: new buildings or secondary housing? This question puzzles people when choosing an apartment. Let's consider the basic advantages of the new buildings that distinguish them from the secondary ones. gives reasons for purchasing the apartments in new buildings. When purchasing the secondary housing many problems may occur because of poor electrical wiring, the breakdown of water supply, wasted water utilization and other systems. So you should think about serious reconstruction or makeover including the replacement of utilities. But, if you buy an apartment in a new building, you completely eliminate such problems. Currently, the construction of new buildings is carried out with the application of the newest technologies and materials. As a result, new buildings have higher reliability, thermal and noise insulation in comparison with secondary housing. In new buildings the electricity is equipped with pressure sustaining valve that relieves excessive line-pressure.

Also, new condos are equipped with modern automatic filter, which is already integrated in water supply systems corresponding the need of pure water.

New buildings favorably differ from the old building with their advanced planning. There is enough space in the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms. Balconies in new buildings are also very comfortable. Buying an apartment in the new building, you will have a great opportunity to make a repair in a full accordance with your tastes and preferences. You can also add some modern solutions for utilities systems improvement such as Bermad valve that provides the best control and regulation of pressure, flow and level in water pumping systems.