Preventive pest control methods for condo building protection

In multi-story (6 or more stories) buildings rats and mice live mainly in basements. Under certain conditions, these pests may occupy the first floors of buildings. In some cases there are rodents' traces on other floors up to the attic. The appearance of the rats on the upper floors are usually associated with the survey of the territory and does not lead to a stable occupation of these floors.

The main activities to prevent and eliminate rodents in condo buildings are: the inspection of all buildings and adjacent territory, conducting eliminative activities and monitoring of the work.

Extermination of house mice is carried out after the inspection of the territory, where they have been detected. Taking into account the heterogeneity (age, sex and individual differences) groups of rats and house mice, it is used 2 - 3 different baits on the basis of food poisoned with chemical to exterminate all the rodents in a condo.

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