How to prepare the apartments to tenants accommodation

Lease of the apartment is a solid enough supplement to the family budget. Homeowners can choose from daily or long term rental options. Such a situation, when someone lives in your free apartment all the time, is very beneficial. Your earned with sweat and blood square meters make a profit every day. But before you start leasing your living space to tenants, it is worth to get it prepared. Here are some tips from Canadian real estate agents.

Every apartment should be comfortable and clean. Even if the rental rate is low, no one would like to live in a hovel. Even first-year students would hardly agree to live in the apartment, which is used as a storage for old things with a smell of dust and mothballs. Therefore, it is advisable to make cosmetic repairs. Update the paint on ceilings and walls, change entry door, re-hang new wallpapers. Find here tips on choosing interior doors. Choose not the most expensive materials for renovation, the tenants will be grateful anyway. Replace old broken door hardware on interior doors - all the locks and handles must operate well. Besides, your old doors will look like new with newly installed hardware. You should also take into account psychological factors - a person entering into clean and cozy apartment, will, definitely, want to maintain the cleanness all the time.

If you rent a furnished apartment, take care of household appliances provision. It would be nice to buy a microwave and electric kettle. The availability of automatic washing machine and air conditioner may even increase the rental rate. All your expenses will pay off quickly. If the apartment is offered for rent, do not forget about fresh linens, dishes and towels. The furniture in the apartment must look good and serve new tenants well.

Before you let the tenants to accommodate in your apartment, take the time and make an inventory of the property in the apartment. It would be nice to take pictures of every room, including bathroom. These data can do you a good job in a conflict case.

If you do not want problems, do not lease the apartment to a friend or relative. According to statistics, they are the most malicious defaulters. Very often, it is easier to resolve all the moot points with strangers than to beg for money from your friends. Be sure to make a lease contract and then adjust it together with future tenants. This will help you negotiate all the issues in advance and avoid conflicts.

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