How not to harm yourself when offering an apartment for rent

It is very important not to harm yourself when offering an apartment for rent. Do not fool potential tenants, declaring simple paper wallpaper or unprocessed wood environmentally friendly finishing materials. Do not declare the remote outskirts of a town or proximity to the cemetery a "quiet place" comfortable for accommodation.

Remember that a stain on the curtains, dripping faucet or misaligned furniture door can significantly reduce the attractiveness of your apartment in the eyes of your tenant. Be sure to enclose the rental agreement! You are likely to find markings of residents and their pets - animals or birds staying at the expiration of the lease term. According to the law, the tenants can dispose the rented housing as their own living space, but within the rental agreement. And if the agreement includes the list and the state of furniture and finishing, you will be able to claim for damage reimbursement. Click here to learn the rules of apartment's preparation for a lease.

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