Landscaping of a condo territory

The courtyard of an condo building include a place for children's playground, for parking and for ball games and roller skating or cycling. Landscaping and gardening of yard area depends entirely on the ratio of asphalted areas and free land sites. So, once determined free land sites around a condo building, we can follow two ways - strictly divide asphalt and green area, or vice versa, try to take a piece of asphalted area in favor of greening.

In the first case, you will need to create borders between greened and asphalted areas using hedges and trellis with climbing plants (vertical gardening is even preferable, especially if it I performed in the form of arches. By the way, when using vines, try to control their growth, especially if you have planted trees nearby. In the second case, you can place concrete pots filled with soil and planted with flowers or small shrubs on the pavement. You can also resort to modular landscaping. Such landscaping of yard areas will provide a nice contrast to the rest area of the city and allow you breathe freely in the shade of green trees.

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