How to control pests in a condo

No one is safe from appearance of pests in a condo even in our progressive age. The occurrence of bedbugs in the apartment, absolutely does not mean that the owners are dirty and uncleanly people. If you rent an apartment or live in an old condo house, the reason for their occurrence is quite banal. Either previous owners have left bed bugs or they have migrated from the neighbors. Moreover, bugs can live under old wallpapers, settling in the cracks of walls. Another reason for pests occurrence is the proximity to construction site or disposal dump - both of these places are a paradise for insects. So, you should take these aspects into account when choosing a condo. Read more about other things you need to consider when choosing a condo.

But, how these harmful pest can get into a newly-erected building or in a condo after an overhaul? Most likely, they were carried into apartment with furniture or mattresses, because just recently bought sofas may have been stored at the warehouse for years and, as we know, sanitary norms are not always fully met. It is possible that these uninvited guests have entered your home directly on your clothes or bags with goodies brought from a long trip. Or maybe you are keeping a large collection of old books in your library?

Attention! Once you have found the first bug, take all possible measures to exterminate them immediately, as if these little bloodsuckers live in a favorable environment for them, their number increases exponentially! In tis case a method of heat treatment is of great help. This method is applied by experienced pest exterminators from Calgary to remove bed bugs from clothes and furniture. Parasites are sensitive to temperature changes. Insects die, both at high and at low temperatures. It is enough to heat infected surfaces up to 70 degrees Celsius and maintain the temperature for an hour to kill parasites. Although, it is important to know that this method is used to treat small-sized items. For example, it would be difficult to warm up a mattress, so, in this case the method would be ineffective. Clothing, curtains, bed linen may be simply ironed. Iron temperature will be enough to kill bugs, eggs and larvae.

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