Lighting of rooms in the house: how to choose the right lighting for your condo

Proper lighting in the apartment allows you to make your home more comfortable, and of course, more beautiful. When making the interior decoration of a home, we carefully select beautiful chandeliers, sconces and lamps, even antique ceiling light wishing to give our dwelling special atmosphere. However, apart from the aesthetic side of this issue, it is important to consider also the function of each room in the condo. It is important to choose the lighting for each room depending on its purpose. Click here to contact Bellevue Condominium Realtors, who will help you to select the condo of your dream. So, how to choose the right lighting in the condo?

Lighting for the living room. Living room is a place, where the whole family gathers together in the evenings, where we meet our guests and where it is so cozy to sit on a couch wrapped in a blanket with a mug of hot tea during cold winter evenings so cozy... In short, a living room is a multipurpose space, so different lighting solutions should be foreseen for different situations. Of course, a chandelier or antique ceiling lights have to be installed in the living room - such products will provide good lighting for special occasions, such as parties and guests meeting.

However, please note that a chandelier visually reduces the room, so you should not place it exactly in the center, but, for example, above the large dining table. In addition, some stand lamps should certainly be placed in the living room. These home furnishings are not only able to give a special charm and comfort of your room, but will also give the opportunity to create a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. Besides, stand lamps can save electricity - for example, if you want to read , it is more convenient to do it sitting next to a floor lamp and turn off the ceiling light. Thus, experiments with lighting open up broad prospects for creating interesting interiors with minimal costs.

Monica Fuller condo interior design expert for about antique ceiling lights and other options for condo illumination.

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