All you need to know about fire sprinkler system in your home

So, you decided to move to a new apartment. You know for sure that you chose the right place in the right region. Besides you want to be sure about your safety. When your realtor suggest you your new apartment you want to know for sure that you will sleep here calmly and not to be worried about fire security.

You've perhaps seen a huge amount of movies where just a small amount of smoke sets off all of the sprinklers in a building, steeping everyone and everything inside the building. But did you know that sprinklers aren't even activated by smoke, and they don't all start at once? In reality fire sprinkler systems are heat activated, just one sprinkler head at a time, and as a rule mainly fires need only one or two sprinklers to be put out. These are just two of the numerous misunderstandings about fire sprinkler systems. So let's discuss other myths of this important safety technology so that you can be safe at new apartment.

Moreover the case that sprinklers are activated by smoke and every sprinkler head blows up at the same time, and then sprinkler systems could potentially make more harm than good. For example, if you burned a piece of toast in your apartment, every sprinkler would go off, just soaking all of your belongings, even if there never was any real risk of fire. Luckily, the clever engineers designed them to decrease the damage to your possessions from water, smoke or even fire.

Fire sprinkler systems have been around more than two centuries and have faced with important upgrading over the years. Today, sprinkler systems are tribute with reducing deaths and loss of goods by more than 60 percent. Because sprinklers use approximately six times less water than a fire hose, they're in fact less damaging to your property than a visit from the fire department.

Tim Burton, certified sanitary technician, describes all the advantages of fire sprinkler systems in Toronto and talks about the key points of apartment fire safety.

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