Design ideas for small condos

The basic idea of design for small apartment is well-designed finishes and other elements of the room, which allow you to make it visually more spacious, comfortable and as functional as possible. Small-sized apartments, compared with spacious multi-room condos, require greater attention in the context of interior design.

Means of achieving functional design in small apartment:
1. Stationary furniture should be replaced with mobile and folding, allowing a condo owner to keep it folded most of the time, saving space in the room.
2. Use versatile furniture. Pieces of furniture with multiple functions become allies in the fight for the coveted square footage. When buying, choose the model, for example, with built-in storage systems.
3. Developing interior design for small apartments, give the preference to built-in household appliances. They work perfectly even in the smallest places without compromising on functionality.

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