Nowadays, you can find a lot of types of doors, made to suit every taste. You can install products made of vinyl or metal, but solid wood doors are the most sought after ones. This is due to the fact that namely wood provides any residential or office premise with warmth and comfort. Natural materials are always popular. We can find a lot of information about the application of timber in home construction and decoration in all historical documents. Even today, when people have learned how to make the doors of different materials, the preference is still given to wooden products. Read more tips on choosing interior doors.

Which product to choose and what aspects to consider when choosing wooden doors, so that they serve and please your eyes for a long time?

Today the market offers an impressive choice of such products: solid and glazed, of different colors and sizes that it is rather difficult to get familiar with all the details. If you want to order a wooden door, then, first of all, start with the measurements, decide on the species of a timber, check market prices and calculate the budget. And only then pick up the design. So, doors are manufactured in different sizes. It is still important to remember that you are free to choose the type of opening. Nowadays, sliding type of opening is very popular.

You should also know that today such products are made of softwood and hardwood. Spruce, pine and cedar are used for softwood products manufacturing. They are cheaper than their hardwood competitors. Oak, maple or rich mahogany are used for hardwood products manufacturing. Since that these species are more resistant to moisture and have better physical characteristics, they are in great demand among modern customers. A wood itself is a good sound and heat insulation material. If the doors are properly and accurately installed, they constrain the extra noise penetration into the room. They fit well in almost any home decor and are very durable.

If to talk about products made of artificial materials, then particleboard or MDF - processed wood material with the addition of synthetic resins are used for their manufacturing. These doors have their aces: they are resistant to moisture, microorganisms, mold and are not expensive. But do not forget about the shortcomings - they have are short-lived.

George Marsh gives tips what aspects to consider when choosing - solid wood doors for residential and office premises.

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