How to check a condo before a purchase

If you do not want to have a purchase of real estate on the secondary market turned into serious troubles and loss of money, it is better to check the state of your future apartment in advance. In this regard experts from have developed some tips for people going to buy an apartment in a high season for real estate purchase this fall. Read more about aspects to be considered when choosing a condominium.

Even if you buy an apartment with the help of a a real estate agent, you need to check it personally. After all, an agent risks only his/her professional reputation, but not a large sum of money, as you do. When you are going to buy an apartment or a house on the secondary market, experts from Atlanta recommend to begin with the study of the so-called family tree of the apartment, which assumes thorough check up of all the necessary documents establishing the ownership of a seller: a contract of sale, gift contract, entered into force court resolution, the certificate of inheritance or annuity contract. All the documents must be originals, which do not contain erasures or corrections. If any corrections are present, they must be certified by the signatures of all the parties of a contract. Pay attention to the conditions specified in a contract, non-compliance of which leads to termination of a deal. If these conditions are specified, make sure that they have been met in all the parameters.

Carefully inspect not only the apartment, but the house in which you want to live. If it is cracked, it is better to carefully consider such a purchase, since overhaul, which is carried out at the expense of tenants, can cost you huge money. Pay attention to the condition of the elevators, windows in the staircases an corridors. If windows are in a poor condition it may lead to drafts occurrence and thus additional heating costs. Another important characteristic of your future home - is the quality of the basement. If you feel the smell of rot and damp, it usually indicates on frequent flooding and the need for constant pipes fixing in the basement. If you buy an apartment on the top floor, check the attic and roofing, to make sure they do not leak. Among other things, you need to inspect pipes and proper condition of the heating system in your future housing.

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