Best places to live in Bellevue

Bellevue is one of the best cities to live in. It is famous for its quite friendly atmosphere and comfortable weather conditions. Here people are well bred so you never meet racism and religion insult. Bellevue has a lot of places to go and spend your time. For example you can visit Fuji Bakery. It is the place where you can taste French brioche with a Japanese slant. This bakery can offer you to try sweet cakes and traditional French baguettes. Also is a paradise for those who fond of Chinese cuisine. Din Tai Fung restaurant in the center of Bellevue can please you and your friends very authentically atmosphere and the best (and cheap) Chinese Dumpling. As for the particular street to live in, Bellevue is hard to define. This town is very comfortable to live in any its part. The facilities of this area are accessible for any citizen of Bellevue. But the prices on housing in the centre are much higher than on the outskirts.

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