Bellevue - the fifth largest city in the State of Washington. It is located between two beautifull lakes Washington and Sammamish. Bellevue has the second largest city center in the state after the city center of Seattle. In 2008, Bellevue gained the status of the best U.S. city to start and develop small businesses. In addition, Bellevue takes fourth place in the list of the best small towns in the country.

The whole town consist of five or six streets with huge sky-scrapers in the center, shopping molls around the center and cozy private houses situated among picturesque wooded hills. The city centre and the surrounding areas are very clean, despite the changeable weather. The city's name comes from the French phrase which means "beautiful view."

Bellevue was founded by William Meydenbauer in 1869 and gained the status of the city in 1953. Since 1946, the city center was crystallized around the shopping center "Bellevue Square", which is now the largest in the region. In the early 1980s, the first skyscrapers appeared in the heart of the city. Now the center of Bellevue is filled with skyscrapers. Microsoft and Boeing are the main employers in the city. According to recent data, the number of vacancies in Bellevue exceeds its population.

All these positive aspects make the city a perfect place to live. Not only Americans, but Canadians too are eager to invest in Bellevue real estate. Nowadays, the selection of propirties in Bellevue isn't as large as in other cities of the Washington State. This fact inevitably led to price increase on real estate market. Now, the average house in Bellevue costs about 150,000 dollars. In this regard, Canadians who have decided to buy a real estate in Bellevue contact to find out more about mortgage.

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