Bellevue apartments rental rates 2015

Bellevue is a big city with a lot of amenities and opportunities. If you want to live there but can't afford to buy an apartment, you will probably need to rent it. The prices for renting in Bellevue depend on different factors. So if you want to live in such neighborhoods as Medina, Downtown or Old Bellevue you will need more money to pay for a month. Here the apartments with 0-3 beds will cost from 1200$ to 3500$ per month. Also if you want to have such facilities as wi-fi, banks or shops available in the neighborhood, convenient traffic infrastructure you will need to pay more. In the Eastside the rental rates will be lower in comparison to downtown but it will be difficult to find a desirable apartment here because of great demand. And also one piece of advice: try to contact directly an owner of an apartment because you will pay less than if you decide to use services of a realtor firm. Good luck with finding a good and profitable apartment in Bellevue.

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