Important issues of apartment's preparation for a lease

Housing for rent can bring you extra income, become more sought after and liquid. Toronto real estate agents strongly recommend to prepare an apartment for rent, that is to make a renovation. Click here to learn more about our real estate for rent offers. You need to remember a few simple rules to do everything right.

1. Remember that you prepare a housing for tenants, but not for yourself. Focus on the taste of the average person and average ideas about the conditions for normal living. The choice of finishing materials and furnishings should be sufficient and appropriate, which takes into account the layout of the apartment. Apartment is a place to stay, it should not amaze and shock, it should provide the tenants an opportunity to create the coziness according their own tastes. The apartment should be equipped with vitally important appliances: sanitary and kitchen equipment, curtain rods, interior doors. It is better to perform finishing in a restrained style and light colors. Decorations, especially made in bright, contrasting colors, significantly reduce the number of possible tenants. This is particularly true for housing offered for rent without a furniture. You should also avoid the interior details that are not considered universal (brocade curtains, velvet pelmets, bright woolen carpets and rugs etc.).

2. Apartment must be properly positioned. Tenant of business level will never accommodate in a five-story old building located on the outskirts or in the industrial area of the city.

3. Following rule states that investment in home repairs should be sufficient, but not huge. The cost of repair should not exceed 10-15% of the market value of the apartment. According to Toronto experts, when installing plumbing or home appliances it makes sense to pay attention not to their exclusivity, the brand of manufacturer, but to reliability and usability of equipment. And, of course, the apartments should be clean. It is recommended to carry out a general clean-up, wash windows and floors, clean carpets and rugs.

4. Much attention should be paid to decorative elements and accessories that create comfort in the apartment. It is important to understand that repairs must comply with class of leased property.

Dallas Baker gives tips and recommendations on how to clean carpets and rugs in Toronto using professional means.

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