A few tips on how to choose windows and doors for a new condo

To choose the right vinyl window and door for your new condo you need to consider several important points. We will make step by step analysis how to make the right choice in a large assortment. Read more about things you need to know when choosing a condo.

How to choose a suitable profile and glass unit?
The most important functions of vinyl windows and doors - soundproofing, insulation and safety - depend on the profile and glass unit. It is rational to opt for one or another type of profile and glazing depending on location of your condo (floor, noise level, purpose of the room, presence of a balcony, weather conditions, etc.). Plastic window profiles vary in width (from 58 up to 70mm) and a number of chambers (3 or 5). If you need greater protection from noise and cold, it is advisable to use 5- chamber profiles with the largest width.

Glass units also have a different number of chambers (1 or 2). Besides, the glass itself may have additional characteristics that contribute to high security level maintaining, noise and thermal insulation of the room. For example, there is a special E-star glass, which absorbs sun's rays, but blocks the penetration of heat waves outside. Special technology of filling the chambers between panes with inert gases also provides a higher level of heat retention. If you want to increase security, it is recommended to use glass joined with laminated film (triplex) or tempered glass, which are designed to provide the highest level of reliability.

Naturally, the more complex the design of glass and profile, the higher the price, so before you choose a plastic window, you need to make the right choice in favor of one or other characteristics. What is meant under window fittings? Window fittings are mechanisms and details that set windows sash in motion. Along with the main feature, hardware helps ensure acoustic comfort in the interior, as well as securely locks the window. Components of accessories include: a device for locking , hinges and locks, various switches, clips and clamps, etc.

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